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"Bringing Mexican flavour to every dish in the world".

Eleazar Hernandez, founder of Orígenes

Tamarind, rooted in Mexican history, has been an integral part of Mexican cuisine and culture for centuries. It is believed that ancient Mexicans were consuming tamarind long before the arrival of the Spanish. This delicious fruit has been a culinary treasure passed down from generation to generation. The history of the tamarind is intertwined with Mexican traditions and identity. Its unique taste and versatility have inspired renowned chefs and cooks around the world to incorporate this ingredient into their most innovative creations. From traditional drinks such as tamarind water to sophisticated gourmet sauces, tamarind continues to dazzle the palates of those who try it. Tamarind is not just a fruit; it is a living history that unfolds in every bite. With its roots in Mexican culture and its global reach, the tamarind continues to be a cherished and loved ingredient around the world. It has become a symbol of Mexico's gastronomic richness and a source of inspiration for creativity in the kitchen. Its unparalleled flavour and its ability to transport those who enjoy it through the flavours and aromas of Mexico make it a valuable ingredient in both traditional and contemporary cuisine.


Product Name Tamarind
Place Of Production México City
Dried tamarind
Comercial Presentations 250g, 500g / 8.81 oz, 17.63 oz
The tamarind is an elongated fruit, similar in shape to a pod or a shell; its shell is dark brown, while the pulp is light brown.

The flesh of the tamarind is soft and sticky, similar to that of a ripe date; its flavour is a perfect blend of sweetness and acidity, with hints of plum, lemon and a slight earthy touch.

Tamarind is used to make refreshing drinks, sauces, desserts, sweets and snacks. It is also an essential ingredient in dishes such as mole and chamoy.


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